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Rocio Cruz

Rocio Cruz August 26, 2021

Los Angeles native Rocio Cruz has worked in numerous capacities throughout her career, lending her keen insight into working with many different types of personalities. She has cultivated skilled mediation and communication throughout work as the manager of a bodega, as a retail associate in a clothing store; and in other jobs working at a dentist’s office, a chiropractor’s office, and at an oil seal company.

Rocio joined Atlantic in 2017, when she began work as an interviewer. Her strong sense of ownership coupled with a penchant for strong organization helped her accelerate into a new position leading taxpayer compliance. As she excels at both personnel and client management, she quickly created a new position of leadership at Atlantic, and is now the General Manager.

Rocio credits experience at Landmark Forum with her unmatched customer service ability. “I don’t like making clients wait. I’m collaborative, and a good listener, and I can relate to many types of people. At Atlantic, we’re all hard workers, and we’re not in competition. We grow together.” Rocio spends her spare time exploring LA with her adventurous husband, who she’s been in love with since age 15.

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