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Miguel Salazar

Miguel Salazar August 26, 2021

Miguel Salazar specializes in strategic solutions for complex tax issues. His approach to service is both collaborative and educational, as he wants to help clients both maximize their tax refunds and prepare them for improving their financial future. “My goal is to help the Latino community,” he says, “And that’s been my goal all along with working in finance. That’s why I work at Atlantic: we put our hispanic community first.”

This goal was inspired by his background. Born in the coastal port of Guayaquil, Ecuador, Miguel was surrounded by struggling and impoverished families whose main currency involved their goodwill and interest in helping others in the community. After relocating to Los Angeles at age 11, Miguel was surprised by the lack of community in sprawling Los Angeles, but eventually saw the tight-knit neighborhood of Monterey Park reflect the robust family values of his homeland.

Miguel works full time as a tax advisor at Atlantic while enrolled in college. His goal is to attend University of Southern California to study finance, and will later specialize in helping the Latino community improve their overall financial health with investments and retirement planning through cryptocurrency, mutual funds, stocks, EFTs, bonds, and beyond.

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