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You work hard for your money. We work hard for you.

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Innovative strategies for personal and business growth.

Let’s be real: accounting and finance firms usually bring to mind stuffy offices filled with cubicles, balding CPAs wearing pleated Dockers, and soul-sucking meetings with a lot of acronyms like YoY, and EOY (not much LOL or ROFL). What they don’t envision is a firm led by innovative, creative professionals who value collaboration, diversity, and integrity.


You work hard for your money. We work hard for you, and deeply understand the value of innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit.

For nearly 40 years, our forward-thinking team has pursued this belief – uncovering latent needs within each project and collaboratively solving the toughest challenges across architecture, engineering, process design, consulting, and construction. Our pioneering work and high-touch service has been recognized by many publications and organizations.

Andres “Andy” Rodriguez
Victor Carranza
Accounting & Finance Manager
Victor Felix
Lead Enrolled Agent
Edgar Iván Rodriguez, Senior Accountant
Edgar Iván Rodriguez
Senior Tax Accountant
Veronica “Vero” Campos
Operations Director
Rocio Cruz
Managing Director

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